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Anon 10 Mike Moustakas Makes...A Good Catch. Not Great 10/15/2014 12:55:33 PM
Anon 10

So the baseball world is currently in love with the KC Royals. And Mike Moustakas is getting a lot of that love. And it's derserving. But it's already getting a little annoying. And I'm already getting annoyed at the outpuring of love for his catch last night. Yes, it was a tough catch. Anytime you go towards the wall, it gets harder to make the catch. And yes, he did dive flat out to make the catch and then fell into the stands (writing this makes me question why Im writing this). But lets be honest about one thing. He misplayed the ball. He ran to the side and then stood there. This catch wasn't on a dead sprint. He had time to adjust. He stood there, watched the ball, did not adjust properly, and then, since he misjudged it, he had to make the "spectacular dive." But he was able to adjust. And from there, his only option was to dive. He did. He caught it. He held on while falling into the stands. But if he had played the ball correctly from the start, we would have forgotten about the catch by the next inning.

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