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Anon 10 MLB Bans Dangerous Slides to 2nd and the Fake Tag at Second 2/25/2016 11:57:25 PM
Anon 10

In a rare move, the MLB made a very simple and intelligent decision to ban sliding into 2nd base with no attempt to hit the bag. The dirty, yet legal, Chase Utely play that broken Ruben Tejada's leg, will no longer be allowed. And on top of that, 2nd basemen and shortstops will have to actually touch 2nd base, with the ball in their glove, in order to turn a double play. What?

The fact that this is news is crazy but this is a great and simple logical move that is good for baseball...and on top of that John Kruk actually is also in favor of a simply logical move. Crazy man. Just crazy.


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