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Anon 59 Who's your Favorite NBA Player? 6/6/2017 11:19:54 PM
Anon 59

Mine is Kobe Bryant. I started watching NBA when I was 10, I caught one of the 2001 Finals Game of Lakers vs Sixers. I was definitely impressed by Kobe and Iverson. But I liked Kobe more, then Iverson's career has declined after, and Kobe was starting to get to his prime by then. One thing that made me a fan of Kobe is his Mamba mentality, you can see his 100% dedication to the game. Kobe have his ups and downs, but I definitely remember majority of the ups, 81 points vs Toronto, all his buzzer beaters and game winners, and how he carried the Lakers to reach the 8th seed in 2012 (which resulted his achilles injury), his career declined after that and then retired last year (2016). I might be unfortunate to have not seen Jordan play on his prime, but I can say that I'm lucky to have watched Kobe play in most of his career. "The Black Mamba".

What about you? Who's your favorite NBA Player?

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