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Anon 59 Do you think the Philadelphia 76ers are cursed? 6/7/2017 2:50:53 AM
Anon 59

I think they are, check out their picks from 2013-2016.

2013 - Nerlens Noel, inflamed plica on his left knee.

2014 - Joel Embiid, injured right foot. (played well this season though, 31 games. But got injured again, a meniscus tear on his left knee.)

2015 - Jhalil Okafor, injured knee. (played for a few games this season then got injured again.)

2016 - Ben Simmons, injured foot. Played during preseason, that's where he got injured.

2017 - ?

Notable mention, They traded Igoudala to Mavs, Dwight to Lakers, and Philly got Andew Bynum. Bynum has a bone bruise in his right knee, then injured his left knee in a bowling incident, he didn't play a single game for Philly.

Let's just hope their next pick won't get injured. Trust the process.

Do you think they're cursed?

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