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So big brawl tonight during the Diamon Backs v. Dodgers game. And the main reason is Ian Kennedy (D-Backs).

Ian Kennedy hit Yasiel Puig in the 6th inning in the face. Now this was a possible retaliation for Greinke hitting (just barely) a D-Back in the 5th. It's also possible the ball got away from him. But if it was retaliation, you dont retaliate by throwing at a batter's head.

So what does Greinke do? Next inning, he hits a D-Back in the arm/back. Now this is not the prettiest part of baseball (pitcher retaliation) but it is what it is. That's baseball. The benches cleared, warnings were made, but nothing else happened.

So what do you think Ian Kennedy does? Next Greinke at bat, he throws at Greinke's head. That's not baseball. That's a coward of a man trying to seriously hurt somebody. That makes me sick. I of course then hope to hear an ESPN announcer/analyst state this obvious point but, as always, no luck.

Fines and/or suspensions are coming. Ian Kennedy deserves the worst of these.

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