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Anon 59 NBA Finals Game 3: Post Game Discussion 6/8/2017 4:15:56 AM
Anon 59

Well... I guess it's over. Cleveland needs a miracle to win this series. Golden State Warriors 118 - 113 Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a nice game though, exciting and thrilling. Especially when KD hit the clutch 3. Cavs had the lead until they started turning the ball over at the final moments of the game. If only they could have just hold on to their lead. It's 3-0 now, if they can win next game, they might win the series like last year. But I doubt Warriors are going to let them take it, especially KD, who's hungry for a championship all his NBA career. It would be better if the Warriors let Cavs take Game 4, then win in Game 5, so they can celebrate in their hometown. Winning the championship on the road isn't that great compare to winning it at home. But still, champion is a champion.

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