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Anon 59 Kevin Durant is only 1 win away to finally getting his ring. 6/8/2017 5:39:55 AM
Anon 59

KD entered the NBA at 2007, played for Seattle SuperSonics and then the team relocated to Oklahoma.


I remember reading his article before on Sports Illustrated, where he was always second his whole life. He was the second-best player in high school, second pick in the draft, second in the MVP voting for 3 times (he finally got one after), second in the finals.


He started to be aggressive and you can see that he really wanted to win his first championship. Unfortunately, he'd always fell short. He joined with the Golden State Warriors to improve his chance, and they're already at the NBA Finals, leading with 3-0 against Cleveland Cavaliers. He's so close in winning his first championship, with only 1 win away!


If ever they become the NBA Champion, I'm pretty sure KD will be the NBA Finals MVP.

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