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Anon 65 Indian National Football Team Doing Well 6/8/2017 10:10:11 AM
Anon 65

Football is the no.1 sport in the entire world and most followed as well. Many people are so crazy about football that they can do anything to witness their team playing and enjoy every moment of the game.

Football was very popular in India as well but as Indian Public and media is in majority Interested in Cricket and also in hockey, football never achieved its place. Its the most popular sport in India's North eastern and Eastern part which has Assam and West Bengal. Many Football greats which have played well for India are from that very region and they have made the country proud. Lately Indian National Football team is doing well in the football front as well and have emerged as a good team with great combination of youth and experience. Indian Football team is loaded with great talents and that have helped India to reach its all time best 100th Ranking in the newly released team rankings by the FIFA.

We can expect to see India doing well in the coming time and their next target will be to reach in the top 50 teams of the world. By seeing them doing well many youngsters feel inspired and may chip in to join as well which will help the cause a great deal as well.

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