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Anon 59 NBA Finals Game 4: Post Game Discussion 6/10/2017 7:48:42 AM
Anon 59

Cleveland Cavaliers won. Score was 137-116. Series is now 3-1 with the Golden State Warriors leading.

I'm not a fan of both teams, but as a NBA fan, and someone that love to watch basketball, I can't help but notice the ridiculous calls from the 1st quarter, I was like, what the hell is going on. I don't want to say that the refs are on the Cavs' side, but come on, anyone who had seen that quarter would probably say the same thing. Best actor of the game was Shumpert. Cavs led the 1st quarter with 49-33.

Props to the Big 3, LeBron, Kyrie and Love. They all finally had a great game together.

I'm prepared for Game 5, and hope the refs won't be biased on any team. I want to see a win from skills, teamwork and not by bad calls.

What are your thoughts about the game?

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